You may currently be experiencing a crisis.
Perhaps you are feeling stuck in relational patterns, overwhelmed, sad or anxious. Therapy offers comfort and an opportunity to find new and improved ways to live the life you want, a life with deeper connection and meaning. I am here to help.

About me


I am a Canadian psychotherapist with a Masters degree in clinical psychology. I studied at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and Pepperdine University (Los Angeles, CA), graduating with honours in both.


Counsellor at the San Fernando Valley Counselling Center in Los Angeles helping the community with a variety of issues including relationship counselling, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger, and divorce.

Resident Assistant at PCH Treatment Center (Psychological Care and Healing), an in-patient psychological care facility. I provided support to clients experiencing Bipolar Disorder, Depression or Borderline Personality Disorder.

In addition, I volunteered at the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre in Vancouver and The Free Arts for Abused Children organization in Los Angeles.

*It's important for me to stay current regarding new techniques and ideas therefore I consult regularly with professional peers to provide objectivity and feedback.


I moved to Madrid from Los Angeles in 2014. Previous to that I lived in Vancouver, Canada.

My approach

My objective is to help people find solutions to life´s troubling issues in a respectful and caring way. It is important to feel heard and understood. Together we can explore the underlying dynamics that brought you to this point and begin to implement the changes you need to reach a higher sense of self-awareness and inner peace.

After gaining training in most techniques of counselling and psychotherapy, it is my belief that the Integrative therapy approach is best suited to dealing with my client’s issues. This means that I select the method of therapy according to a client’s needs. Integrative Therapy is a therapy method expressly tailored to you as a unique individual.

The Integrative Therapy approach I use is intended to integrate the mind and body to promote a healthy wholeness. I use elements of the following therapeutic methods:

Individual Therapy

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks to change cognitive distortions and correct dysfunctional thoughts
• Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy teaches ways of regulating attention to build awareness of thoughts and feelings without judgement
• Systematic Desensitization therapy is used in treatment to relieve symptoms of phobias and anxiety.
• Psychodynamic Therapy borrows from the psychoanalytic model which involves examining the subconscious with insight and depth
• Solution Focused Brief Therapy involves a series of questions and observations to solve goal directed issues
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps people accept what is out of their control and commit to actions that will enhance their life

Couples Therapy

• Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy works to access and reprocess the emotional responses underlying the couples negative experiences in order to journey from alienation and blame to openness and responsiveness

My style is interactive and I provide a safe, secure, non-judgmental atmosphere.


  • Individual

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma/PTSD
    • Grief
  • Couple/Family

    • Relationship issues
    • Marital distress
    • Divorce
    • Family counselling

Contact Me

It is essential to find a therapist you feel comfortable with. I offer potential clients a chance to meet for the first consultation free-of-charge to see if we are a good fit to work together towards your goals.


Individuals - 70 euros
Couples - 85 euros

To make an appointment or ask questions please call +34 629 098 678 or email patrice@englishtherapymadrid.com

I am located in the center of Madrid.